Fall: Another Word For Happiness

Hello again!

I decided to dedicate this post to my very favorite season. I'm positive that if you look up the words "happiness" and "perfection" in a dictionary, "Fall" will come up as one of their synonyms. No joke. It's just so wonderful in every way...

The most obvious is the perfectly amazing weather. Cold enough to bundle up and drink hot chocolate while you read a good book, but warm enough so that you don't feel completely numb and miserable. Nice enough to button up a jacket, throw on a scarf, and take a  walk through the shower of falling, multicolored leaves. Beautiful enough to outstretch your arms, spin slowly around, and enjoy God's particularly incredible Fall creation. And maybe even snap a picture or two.

How beautiful is this?! Not only the leaves changed colors, but the stem, too! 
There's the anticipation for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and all of that holiday joy. Listening to Christmas music even though it's not for 2 months, beginning to think about Christmas shopping, dreaming about the deliciously delightful cooking and baking that is surely in store, and longing for "the most wonderful time of the year" that's just around the corner. Oh, it's just too exciting!

Then of course there's long pants, boots, fuzzy socks, hats, and sweaters in all of their gloriousness. Much more appealing than shorts and flip-flops... at least to me. :) Ahh, my favorite.

Yes, Fall just screams "picturesque." It makes me think of Genesis 1: "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth...and God saw everything that he had made, and behold, it was very good" (Genesis 1:1 and 31a). If His creation is good, His Fall creation is even gooder (That's not a word, you say? Well yes, I know. But I need it to prove my point... so you'll just have to deal with it ;))I hope y'all are enjoying Fall just as much as I am. :) 

Until next time!

P.S. More Fall pictures to come!

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