these are a few of my favorite (and not so favorite) things

Hello dear friends!

I have many favorite things. Here are a few of them (thirty-one to be exact):

*Note, the pictures in the post were not taken by me.

1. Coffee. Perfect for pulling all-nighters, staying awake in class, or just drinking to enjoy. :)
2. Watching scary movies late at night with my dad and Benjamin.
3. Hot tea. A typical day for me includes at least one cup of coffee and one or two cups of hot tea.

4. Capturing special moments via camera.
5. Infinitely quotable movies. (Napolean Dynamite or Toy Story anyone?)
6. Popcorn. I eat it every night without fail. Even with braces.
7. Fall. If you read my second post you'll know why. :)
8. Christmas music.
9. Sweaters.

10. British accents.
11. Snow. Enough said.
12. Hugging my three year old brother and asking him about his day.
13. Letters. As in the legit kind that come in the mail. :)

14. Friends I've had for forever.
15. Making new friends!
16. Stress-free days that include pajamas, hot tea, and a really good book.

17. Jumping in leaves.
18. Playing board games on a rainy day.

19. Feeling victorious and accomplished after conquering a nearly impossible math problem. Success!
20. Wrapping Christmas presents.
21. Taking long hikes.
22. Warm gloves.
23. Sleeping in late.
24. Laughing...a lot.
25. Apple pie.

26. Hugging a stuffed animal when I feel like crying.
27. Being encouraged.
28. Listing my favorite things.
29. Chocolate.
30. Burt's Bees chapstick.
31. The Hunger Games. 

Of course, there are also a handful of things that are not my favorite. Here's a list I've compiled of things worth disliking:

1. Physics.
2. Cockroaches. *shiver*
3. Sharks.
4. Failing tests.
5. Very early mornings.
6. Clowns.
7. Being depressed.
8. Pop quizzes. 
9. Mushrooms.
10. Screamo music.
11. My whole family getting the flu the week of Christmas.
12. Drivers Ed.

I hope your week is full of smiling, loving, and answered prayers! 


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