weekend ramblings

Good to see you, my favorite people! 

It's been a pretty average week. Every week has its unpleasant parts, such as Drivers Ed. (even though I'm 16 and already had my permit for a year in SC... it's a long and upsetting story) and the stress and deadlines that accompany schoolwork. But it's the small, special, happy things that make a week memorable.

Like when I sip hot chocolate or hot tea while I work on school assignments. 

Like when I absentmindedly wander around outside. Embracing the last few leaves on the trees and contemplating the change from lovely Fall to icy but equally delightful Winter (while wearing my Toms, of course).

Like when I can't hold back a smile as I watch my little brother cry out in pure ecstasy while he flies back and forth on the rope swing.

How could you deny the joy in that little face [in the left corner]?
Like when I walk alongside my adorable baby cousin in a grassy field. He runs until he falls down, laughing, only to get up and keep running without a care in the world.

And like when my family spends a relaxing Sunday afternoon at Lake Lure, enjoying the perfect blue sky, clear, reflective water, picturesque mountains and trees, and colorful, lively little ducks. It's definitely one of the most beautiful places I've ever been to. 

Life is good. In a wonderful, sometimes strange, God-shows-his-beauty-through-even-the-smallest-things sort of way.



  1. Such a beautiful post! And I love the TOMS. :)

  2. love the part about the hot chocolate and hot tea...nice TOMS :)
    - Charlotte <3