for crazy schedules and making up for lost time

Wow. What a crazy-busy past few weeks this has been, and it isn't over yet. I feel like the worst blogger ever. Forgive me? It would make me feel oh so much better. :)

So, to make up for some lost time, my family had a lovely Christmas that we spent in Tennessee, South Carolina, and North Carolina, and then finished up with a trip to visit some family in Florida. We then ushered in the new year with thoughts on the previous year and resolutions of eating better, having consistent quiet times and spending more time in the Bible, getting our priorities straight, and [atleast for me] trying not to get so caught up with the internet and social networking that are forever distracting me from what I really need to focus on. So far 2012 has been requiring my constant attention. School is more demanding than ever, with tests every week, trying to catch up on an entire semester of Latin in very little time (it's a long story), and pretty much endless studying. Then there're those random things that always seem to come up-- preparing for my driver's test, a trip to SC for an orthodontist appointment, a weekend trip to FL for a cousin's wedding, and the homeschool winter formal-- all within about a week. But, regardless, I can't help but be hopeful in the new year and what it may hold.

the Christmas photos:

A few instagrams:

studying with coffee// flower in my hair
new shoes// going on an adventure
hot chocolate on a cold day// moccasins

I'll do my best to post again soon. Love y'all!

P.S. Much thanks to my lovely friend MaryRachel for the new header. :)



  1. love the photos rachel! and your shoes!

  2. i really like the wrapping in the first photo (your present to Chloe) - cute. :) I love the fifth photo, too!
    nice post! :)

    1. oh, and i'm very glad you got to come to the formal. <3