something to think about

Here's a little story that kind of summarizes my past couple weeks...
The other night, I felt so, incredibly overwhelmed with all of the many demands on my limited time (I could compile a lengthy list for you, but I won't). I was so discouraged, and I had so little hope in my abilities to get it all done- and try not to lose my sanity at the same time. The only thing I felt like doing was completely breaking down into tears, but I couldn't allow myself that luxury. "I can't do it. I can't do it!" I found myself repeating. And that's when it dawned on me: "No, I can't do it of my own abilities. But with God, I can do anything! Anything is possible!" When I looked at it that way, the things that cause me grief seemed so utterly insignificant compared with what God is capable of. And so, I gave it all up to Him. My stress, my weakness, everything. I shared my burden with my heavenly Father. And before I knew it, not only had I tackled a good portion of the schoolwork that was part of the reason for my stress, but I felt such an overwhelming sense of peace. And, even more than that, my faith had sky-rocketed. It was the most wonderful feeling. For my whole attitude and perspective to have reversed in hardly any time at all, I knew that God had immediately answered my prayers.


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