oh hey there... summertime?

My internal calender is highly confused. It's been in the high 60's and low 70's all week. I thought it was still winter? But, nevertheless, its been very pleasant. Crazy blue skies, bright fluffy clowds, sweet tea, perfectly ripe strawberries, rolled up jeans, bare feet... It all screams "Summer is here! Enjoy it and do nothing productive!" And then I glance over at my massive pile of school books, see my huge stack of paperwork for Chick-fil-A (I just got a job there!), and remember that I'm taking the SAT next week, and I snap back into reality. Okay, I'll say it: I'm dying for summer. Or at least a break of some kind. The school year sure wears on a person, and when it gets to March, I'm about at my breaking point from all the stress. It's nice to imagine though. To drink some iced tea, take in the rays of sun warming my skin, and pretend I'm not overwhelmed. Maybe it's the procrastinator in me, or maybe it's my child-like love for daydreaming. It's probably both. 

Have y'all been experiencing the same kind of it-sure-feels-like-summer-but-it-really-isn't realization?



  1. congrats on getting a job at CFA! welcome to the team!

  2. Hey Rachel! I just found your blog via Fernweh, and I love it! Your pictures are so pretty and these ones, at least, make me feel all happy and summery :) I took the SAT today and, whew, I'm glad it's over with!
    - your new follower :)

    1. That's so sweet, thanks Mary Ann! I took the SAT today, too... NOT fun.

  3. Ditto to what Mary Ann said! I looove your blog!! And yay summer! These pictures are straight AWESOME.